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2020    Horton Iris Garden           7440 King Rd, Loomis, CA

Please refer to shopping instructions for shipping fees, abreviations, etc.
All photos taken by Mary Ann Horton and cropped to fit

Babbling Brook
$ Sold Out

TB, RE-9,   M 38” tall
Ruffled, French blue flower, pale blue beards, light yellow beards tipped white.    By  K. Keppel, 1965     Dykes Medal, 1972

Baboon Bottom
$ 6.00

BB,  M 26” tall
Broken color: Rose pink, and white irregular streaks thru-out, slight fragrance.
By  B. Kasperek, 1994

Baby’s Bum
$ 6.00

TB,  M 26” tall
Streaked and swirled with medium pink, old rose, and white, tangerine beards.
By  Hendrick, 2000

Back Street Affair
$ 8.00

TB,  M 34" tall
Medium yellow over coffee to milky brown, narow yellow border, brilliant gold
beards, slight sweet fragrance.
By  S.  Innerst, 1997

Backlit Beauty
$ 7.00

IB, ML 25" tall
Rosy spectrum violet, white lines & edges over bishop's violet, lighter edges,
canary yellow shoulders and yellow tipped beards, slight fragrance.
By R. Tasco, 2010

Banana Cream Pie
$ 6.00

TB,    M 30” tall
White over cream, lemon, yellow rims, sweet fragrance.
By   B. Filardi, 2007

Barbara My Love
$ Sold Out

TB,  M 36” tall
Pale salmon over white, orange band, sweet fragrance.
By  W. Maryott, 1999

Barbara’s Lace
$ Sold Out

TB, SA,  ML 36” tall
Pretty pink over white, very heavily laced,  light pink petaloids, slight sweet fragrance.     By Sutton, 2003

$ Sold Out

TB,  ML  37" tall
Standards ruby red, style arms light red-gold.  Falls velvety deep ruby red, yellow area beside bright orange beards,  slight musky fragrance.
By  B.  Filardi, 2013

$ 6.00

TB, SA, ML 36” tall
Large violet purple flower with darker purple fuzzy beards and horns, musky fragrance.     By   M. Byers,  1985

Battenkill Riffle
$ 5.00

IB,   L 19” tall
Dainty dark blue, light, blue beards, gold throat.
By  Burton, 2003

Bay City
$ 6.00

TB,   ELM 36” tall
Ruffled, dark violet-blue, light violet beards tipped darker, large bloom.
By  R. Dunn, 1999

Be Mine
$ 5.00

TB, RE-9,  M-ML 36” tall
Medium pink blending to white edges, red-orange beards, spicy fragrance.
By   Byers, 1985

Beauty Within
$ 9.00

TB,  ML  32"  tall
Light pink, deeper pink midribs over light blue-pink, deep blue beards.
By   J. Ghio, 2012

Before The Storm
$ Sold Out

TB,  ML  36” tall
Deep blue black over velvety black, matching beards, slight fragrance.
By   Innerst, 1989         Dykes Medal, 1996

$ 6.00

TB,  E 36” tall
Buff overlaid rosy-red over buff, rosy-red rims, white area near sienna-orange beards. By  K. Keppel, 1989

Bel Esprit
$ 6.00

TB,  M 40” tall
Ruffled, rose beige flushed purple over soft buff grey, red-orange beards.
By  K. Keppel, 2002

Bella Isabella
$ 5.00

TB,  M 37” tall
Ruffled light blue over lavender, yellow beards, sweet fragrance.
By  W. Maryott, 1998

$ 9.00

TB,  M 38" tall
Light lavender-pink over raspberry, lav-pink rims, red-orange beards tipped gold.
By  Begley, 2006

Belle de Provence
$ 9.00

TB,  ML 35” tall
Light orange over white, orange rims, ruffled, orange beards tipped white.
By  Baumunk, 2006

Belvi Queen
$ 5.00

TB, RE-4, E 43" tall
Cinnamon edged darker over white blaze on yellow inlay, maroon stitching on edges, gold beard.       By C. Jensen, 1975

Bengal Tiger
$ 7.00

TB,  EM, 37" tall
Clean bright yellow over yellow, prominent maroon stripes full length of petal, 1/8" yellow band, yellow beards.
By  W. Maryott, 1981

Berry Ripple
$ 6.00

TB,  RE-9,  EML 35” tall
White ground, heavily speckled, veined red violet, ¼” rims, slight sweet fragrance.
By  Sutton, 2003

Berry Sherbet
$ 5.00

TB,  EM 34” tall
Medium blue-pink over rose violet, coral orange beards.
By  K. Mohr,  1990

Berry Smoothie
$ Sold Out

TB,  ML 38" tall
Amethyst self, lighter near burnt orange beards, slight sweet fragrance, laced.
By  M Schaller, 2010

Bethany Claire
$ 5.00

TB, RE-5,  M 36"  tall
Wisteria blue, slight white area around white beards, tangerine in throat.
By  Zurbrigg, 1985

Betty Dunn
$ Sold Out

TB,  RE-4,  M 33" tall
Near white, slight pink basal flush, style arms white, pink center, Falls: salmon pink,
white rim, tangerine beards
By  O.D. Niswonger, 1995

Betty Ford
$ Sold Out

TB, RE-8,  M 38" tall
White, style arms same, light blue stigma over Falls: white to very light blue, strong medium blue edge, red beards, slight sweet fragrance
By  F. Kerr, 2014

$ 6.00

TB,  M 30” tall
Streaked light mauve and white over dark mauve, silver streaks, yellow beards.   By  B. Kasperek, 1995

Beyond Borders
$ 6.00

TB,  EM  35" tall
Cold white self, wide mottled violet-blue rims on falls becoming almost solid at
edges, beard hairs based white tipped saffron yellow.
By  R. Tasco, 2012

Big Squeeze
$ Sold Out

TB,  L  33” tall
Large, ruffled peach pink over medium orange, sweet fragrance.
By  P. Black, 1999

$ 6.00

TB, RE-5, EM  32" tall
Ruffled bright yellow gold, musky fragrance.
By   M. Byers,  1986

Bingo Bango Bongo
$ 6.00

TB,  EM 37” tall
Large, ruffled blue over dark blue, orange beards tipped white.
By  T. Burseen, 2003

Black As Night
$ 6.00

TB, RE-9,  ML  37" tall
Red-black over darker, black beards tipped mustard, slight fragrance.
By  D. Meek, 1992

Black Cherry Sorbet
$ 22.00

MTB,  E  22" tall
Black cherry-red, style arms buckskin tan, over falls: orchid ground, heavily veined black cherry red, bright lemon yellow beards, slight spicy fragrance.
By  C. Harris, 2016

Black Fantasy
$ 6.00

TB,  EM 36” tall
Dark wine over dark blackish wine, mustard beards.
By   D. Meek, 1988

Black Flag
$ 5.00

TB,  EM 37” tall
Ruffled, very deep violet over black-purple, matching beards.
By  Stahly, 1984

Black Magic Woman
$ 11.00

TB,  EM  34" tall
Dark red-violet over satiny jet black, burnt persimmon-orange beards, medium
purple base foliage, slight fragrance.
By  R. Tasco, 2012

Black Mercury
$  7.00

TB, RE-8,  M  39" tall
Ruffled deep violet black, mustard yellow beards, musky fragrance.
By  A. & D. Cadd, 2003

Black Suited
$ Sold Out

TB,   ML 36” tall
Very black velvety flower, black beards, musky fragrance.
By  Innerst, 2000

Black Tie Affair
$ 6.00

TB,  M 36” tall
Purple black over velvety purple black, purple beards.
By  Schreiner,  1993

$ 6.00

TB, RE-9,  ML 38” tall
Darkest purple over wide black velvety falls, purple beards, sweet fragrance.
By  Luihn, 1986

$ 6.00

TB, RE-5,  EML 36" tall
Lemon yellow over beetroot red, yellow hafts, white rays, yellow beards.
By   Byers, 1990

Blazing Beacon
$ 6.00

TB, SA, ML 36” tall
Golden yellow, bronze overlaid on falls, bronze beards & horns, slight sweet fragrance.      By  R. Tasco, 2005

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