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2023  Horton Iris Garden       7440 King Rd,  Loomis, CA

Please refer to shopping instructions for shipping fees, abreviations, etc.
All photos taken by Mary Ann Horton and cropped to fit.

Dance Gypsy
$ 6.00

BB,  ML 25” tall
Red-violet blend, gold hafts and beards, slight fragrance.
By  Markham, 2003

Dance Hall Dandy
$ 7.00

TB,  RE-9, M 38” tall
White over velvety maroon with pink rims, orange beards.
By  B. Maryott, 1986

Dance Step
$ 6.00

TB,  EM 35” tall
Pinard yellow, washed in ginger brown dots & lines, slight fragrance.
By  K. Keppel, 1989

Dancing Blue Kio
$ 11.00

TB,  M 36" tall
Standards deep blue violet, infused red plum at midribs; Falls marbleized dark blue-violet paling to light blue violet at edges, darker blue-violet wire rim; beards gold, blue at end, spicy fragrance.   By D. Kanarowski, 2010

Dancing In Ruffles
$ Sold Out

TB,  M 39” tall
Heavily ruffled, laced, soft yellow over lighter cream yellow, sweet fragrance.    
By  A. & D. Cadd, 2002

Dancing In The Street
$ Sold Out

TB,  ML 37”  tall
Standards orient pink, Falls orient pink, center cream flush, spanish orange shoulders, beards indian orange, azalea pink at ends, ruffled, lightly laced, musky fragrance.  By L. Lauer, 2007

Dandy Candy
$ Sold Out

TB, RE-8, ML  35” tall
Ruffled, medium purple over peach blending to light purple, darker rims, tangerine orange beards.  By  R. Ernst, 2001

Dante's Inferno
$ Sold Out

TB, M  32" tall
Standards dark orange; Falls very dark orange, edged full orange.
By  W. Moores, 1979

Dare To Return
$ 8.00

TB,  M  34" tall
Standards and style arms violet; Falls deep dark violet, beards bronze, slight sweet fragrance.
By  N. Price, 2016

Daring Deception
$ 12.00

TB,  M 35" tall
White, light violet midrib wash over plush violet, wide white band, white spray,
tangerine beards.   By T. Johnson, 2012

Dark Crystal
$ 6.00

SDB,  RE-4,  M  12" tall
Deep wine-purple over falls: wine-black, medium blue-violet beards.
By  M Byers, 1987

Dark Energy
$ 28.00

TB,  M  35" tall
Standards black-mulberry, slightly lighter center speckling; Falls black-mulberry edge extending as slsightly lighter and redder rays into intense golden yellow ground; beard hairs based lavender-white, brown in middle, light mustard tips.   
By K. Keppel, 2016

Dark Passion
$ 7.00

TB,  M 35” tall
Ebony black over velvety black, sweet scent drifts around the bloom.
By  Schreiner, 1998

Dark Past
$ 6.00

TB,   ML 30” tall
Red black with darker velvety falls, sweet fragrance.
By  J. Hedgecock, 1999

Dark Rings
$ 5.00

SDB,  EM  13” tall
White background with rosy- blue edgings, beards pale blue at end, yellow in throat, sweet fragrance.      By J.Gatty,  by K. Keppel, 1992

Dark Storm
$ 30.00

TB,  M  36" tall
Standards cold white ground peppered dark purple, more solid at top edge with black highlights; Falls, same, more solid at edge with black highlights, very slight purple center line, beard end lavender-purple, slight sweet fragrance.   By  R. Tasco,  2017

Dark Vader
$ 5.00

SDB,  M 11” tall
Dark blue-violet over blue-violet black,  powder blue beards.
By  R. & L. Miller, 1997

Dark Watch
$ 6.00

TB,  M 33” tall
Heavily ruffled dark purple black flower, bronze beards.
By  J. Hedgecock,  2006

Dark Wonder
$ 7.00

BB,  EM  27" tall
Standards glossy dark blue-violet; Falls satiny dark blackish purple, white veins beside beard in throat, beards henna brown in throat, ends midnight blue, light purple based foliage, slight fragrance.    By  R. Tasco, 2012

$ 6.00

TB, RE-8,  EM 36” tall
Medium blue purple, light blue tipped beards, sweet fragrance.
By   Byers, 1991

Daughter Of Stars
$ 7.00

TB, RE-5,  EM 35” tall
Ruffled purple over deeper purple, thin white edges, white rays, sweet fragrance.   
By  D. Spoon, 2001

Dawn Hush
$ 5.00

SDB,  VE  15" tall
Standards creamy champagne, tinged pink; Falls creamy white, 1/4" edge of beige mauve stitching, beards white tipped tangerine, slight sweet fragrance.   By B. Blyth,  2005/06

Day On The Bay
$ 10.00

TB,  VE-M  30" tall
Creamy lemon yellow over white, wide violet band that bleeds toward the
center, gold beards.    By  J. Ghio,  2012

$ Sold Out

TB,  EM 36” tall
Lavender pink over medium violet-maroon, sweet fragrance.
By   B. Maryott, 1995

$ Sold Out

TB,  M 38” tall
Light apricot over plum burgundy, apricot rims, laced, wavy
By  B. Blyth, 2004

Decked Out
$ Sold Out

TB,  M-VL 33" tall
Standards and style arms wisteria blue blended, edges veined grey purple, yellow base; Falls majolica yellow, light brown edges, bright electric blue washed centers, red-brown washed shoulders, white veins, beards indian yellow, big and fuzzy; flared, ruffled, musky fragrance.    By T. Burseen, 2015

Deep Burgundy
$  5.00

IB, RE-8,  EM  22" tall
Ruby red over white and yellow ground, ruby red band and dotting, slight
musky fragrance.
By  M. Sutton, 2012

Deep Conviction
$ 5.00

IB, RE-9,   EM 23" tall
Yellow ground washed deep budgundy over white ground, black burgundy edges, white beards tipped orange, spicy fragrance.   By M. Sutton, 2006

Deep Dark Secret
$ Sold Out

TB,  M 34” tall
Stunning, deep dark blue purple, lighter rims, fragrant.
By   P. Black, 1998

Deep Dive
$ 7.00

TB,  ML 39” tall
Light blue over dark marine blue, dark beards, sweet fragrance.
By  A. & D. Cadd, 2002

Deeper Meaning
$ 35.00

TB,  EM  39" tall
Standards light peach to buff, slight infusion up midribs, Falls deep purple-black, lavender rims, beards tangerine in throat with hair tips touched violet at end, slight fragrance.  By  T. Johnson, 2017

Delta Blues
$ Sold Out

TB,  M 36” tall
Very ruffled azure blue flower, white tipped beards.
By  Schreiners, 1994

Delta Lady
$ 7.00

TB, RE-9,  EML  31" tall
White ground, sea-lavender-violet plicata markings throughout over white ground,
sea-lavender-violet markings on rim and shoulder, lilac beards, straw-yellow in throat, sweet fragrance.       By  L. Lauer,  2009

Desert Bouquet
$ 5.00

IB,  EML  26” tall
Olive & violet over olive with orchid wash & lines, gold beards, fragrant.
By  Sorenson, 2004

Devilish Nature
$ 5.00

IB, SA,  M 20” tall
Light chocolate & maroon over light maroon overlaid violet, chocolate band, yellow beards, violet horns.     By  C. Boswell, 1998

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