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2022   Horton Iris Garden       7440 King Rd,  Loomis, CA

Please refer to shopping instructions for shipping fees, abreviations, etc.
All photos taken by Mary Ann Horton and cropped to fit.

Oasis Cathy
$ 6.00

TB,  ML  44” tall
Bright yellow over purple, thin brown rims, yellow beards tipped lighter.
By  Chadwick, 2000

Oasis Gretchen
$  7.00

TB,  EM 36” tall
Ruffled orange, tangerine beards, spicy fragrance.
By  Chadwick, 2003

Oasis Red
$ 6.00

TB,  RE-8, M 34” tall
Rose-garnet red, white rays, laced, ruffled.
By  Chadwick, 2001

Oasis Royal Charm
$ Sold Out

TB,  ML 33” tall
Light yellow over blue-violet, blue-violet flounces.
By  Morrison, 2002

$ 6.00

TB,   EM 35” tall
Light olive over lavender blue, olive veins & rims.
By  Mahan, 2003

Ocean Pop
$ 7.00

TB,  M  35” tall
White over cornflower blue blends, nasturtium orange beards with white ends, sweet fragrance.      By  L. Lauer, 2008

$ 6.00

TB, RE-5,  M 33” tall
Light gold over darker gold, light gold beards, spicy fragrance.
By   Byers, 1988

$ Sold Out

TB,  M  35" tall
Standards and style arms white, thin buttercup yellow rim and base; Falls chrome yellow base, ruby red lines ending with solid rim; beards nasturtium orange, sweet fragrance.   By  L. Lauer, 2018

Oh Babe
$ 7.00

TB,   M 30” tall
Deep gold over warm white, maroon plicata wash, yellow beards.
By  Anderson, 1984

Oh Carol
$ Sold Out

TB, RE-9,  EML  36" tall
Pale lilac, orange-buff rim over mellow purple, with salmon rim, henna beards.
By  L. Lauer, 2012

Okapi Poppy
sold Out

TB,  M 37” tall
Medium lavender pink over violet amethyst, lighter rims.
By  B. Kasperek, 2004

$ 6.00

TB, RE-9,  EML 38” tall
Light blue blends, blue-violet midribs and center, white beards.
By  J. Ghio, 1984

On Edge
$ 6.00

TB,  EM 37” tall
Light lavender over white edged in blue, white beards.
By  Schreiner, 1986

On Fire
$ 5.00

SDB,  M  12” tall
Red-violet & purple, burnt yellow shoulders & center, blue-violet beards.
By  McLintock, 1979

Ona Roll
$ 19.00

TB,  VE-E-M  36" tall
Standards mimosa yellow, style arms darker yellow over falls: chrysanthemum crimson overlaid black, yellow textured veins, fine rose-purple edges, beard hair bases brown, tips apricot, ruffled.       By   T. Burseen, 2015

One More Night
$ 8.00

TB,  L  38" tall
Standards silky glossy dark rich purple; Falls velvety black, dark purple highlights near electric midnight blue beard, medium purple based foliage, musky fragrance.   By  R. Duncan, 2010

One Step Beyond
$ Sold Out

TB,  M  34" tall
Standards oxblood red to brick red, light bronze lower midrib; Falls velvety jet black, beard golden orange, medium purple base foliage, slight spicy fragrance.  
By  R. Tasco, 2014

One Way Ticket
$  6.00

TB,  EM  36" tall
White over amethyst violet, white lines radiating from white shoulders, beards indian orange, white at end, sweet fragrance.
By  L.  Lauer,  2007

$  5.00

IB, SA,  M 24” tall
Purple-red over red-violet, white spray, violet horns.
By  L. Miller, 2003

Opposing Forces
$ 6.00

TB,  M 36” tall
Pink & violet over cream, pink tint, tangerine beards, tan hafts.
By  K. Keppel, 2002

$ Sold Out

TB,  ML  33” tall
White, gold wire rims over dark blue-purple, lighter rims, white blaze, gold beards.  
By  S. Trio, 2013

Orange Avatar
$ 8.00

TB,  ML  38" tall
Light orange over white, orange edges, white beards tipped orange.
By  F. Kerr, 2008

Orange Flourescence
$  Sold Out

BB,  ML  27" tall
Fluorescent orange self, orange beards.
By   T. Aitken, 2011

Orange Popsicle
$ 6.00

TB, RE-8,  EM 33” tall
Laced, creamy orange, tangerine beards, orange popsicle fragrance.
By  Sutton, 1987

Orange Portal
$ 8.00

TB,  M 34" tall
White, orange infusion over orange, narrow orange edges, white beards tipped tangerine orange.          By  F. Kerr, 2007

Orange You Glad
$ Sold Out

TB, M  35"  tall
Standards and style arms orange; falls deeper orange; beards orange, slight spicy fragrance.     By  J. Painter, 2017

Orangutan Orange
$ 8.00

TB,  EM  36" tall
Broken Color:  Standards blend of yellow orange and orange, light streaking; style arms orange; falls red orange streaked silver white in center becoming yellow orange around edges; beard tangerine orange, slight fragrance.   By  B. Kasperek, 2009

$ 7.00

TB, Novelty, ML 40” tall
Six falls, purple with magenta blush, slight musky fragrance.
By  F. Kerr, 2008

Orchid Cloud
$ 6.00

TB, RE-4,  EM 35” tall
Orchid pink over orchid lavender, gold beards tipped lavender.
By  Applegate, 1973

Orchid Lane
$ Sold Out

TB, RE-4,  E 30” tall
Lilac flower, tangerine beards tipped lilac, sweet fragrance.
By  Jeffries, 1988

Osay Can u c
$ 6.00

TB, SA,  M 36” tall
White over white, purple lines, red beards, fuzzy horns with spoons.
By  T. Burseen, 2001

$ 6.00

TB,  ML 38” tall
Black cherry over cream & gold, maroon rims, dark cherry beards.
By  J. Ghio, 1997

Out Of Control
$ Sold Out

TB,  EM 34” tall
Purple and white streaks and splashes, light blue beards, sweet fragrance.
By  W. Maryott, 1995

Over And Over
$ 6.00

TB, RE-5,  M  36" tall
Standards white; falls white, trimmed in lavender, beards lavender.
By  S. Innerst,  2001

Over Heated
$ Sold Out

TB,  M  36" tall
Standards deep red-burgundy; style arms dark rust; Falls deep red-burgundy; beards orange; slight musky frgrance.     By  L.  Miller,  2018

Over The Edge
$ Sold Out

TB, RE-10,   ML-VL  37” tall
Ruffled pink over violet maroon, light rims, white lines near orange beards.
By   Sutton, 2006

Ozark Rebounder
$ 7.00

TB, RE-6,  M 34” tall
Ruffled dark purple over purple black & beards.
By  Nicodemus, 2006

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