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2023   Horton Iris Garden       7440 King Rd,  Loomis, CA

Please refer to shopping instructions for shipping fees, abreviations, etc.
All photos taken by Mary Ann Horton and cropped to fit.

Table For Two
$ 25.00

TB,  VE, 36" tall
Standards tawny brown changing to violet at midrib; Falls black-red, white blaze around beard; beards yellow.   By  Schreiners, 2016

$ 7.00

TB,   M  35” tall
Ivory over white, ½” blue rims, lemon yellow beards.
By  F. Kerr, 2011

Taffeta Bow
$ Sold Out

TB,  M 36” tall
Rosy orchid flower, tangerine beards, white rays.
By  B. Blyth, 1989

Tangerine Carnival
$ 6.00

TB,  ML  42” tall
Light pink over light pink, red-purple lines, light orange beards. Historic
By  Austin, 1957

$ Sold Out

TB,  EM  38" tall
Standards lavender orchid, center paling to grey edges; style arms white, faint lavender cast.  Falls cotinga purple, slight velvet finish. white luminata circle & veining, faint apricot cream suffusion on inner hafts, beards white at end, hair tipped yellow in midsection, to red in throat, sweet fragrance.     By K. Keppel,  2003

Tell Your Children
$ Sold Out

TB,  EM  35" tall
Standards and style arms white; Falls aster violet center, 1" lobelia blue rim, overlapping; beards mandarin red in throat and middle, ends white.    By   L. Lauer, 2018

Tempting Fate
$ 6.00

TB,  ML 34” tall
Light lavender over purple black, yellow beards, white rays.
By  D. Meek, 1993

Tennison Ridge
$ 6.00

TB, RE-5,  E 38” tall
Burgundy plum over white, burgundy rims, light bronze beards, sweet fragrance.
By  J. Begley, 1989

That Scentsation
$ Sold out

TB,  EML  37” tall
Medium blue flower, light yellow beards tipped white, very sweet fragrance.
By   Weiler, 1985

That’s Hot
$ 6.00

TB,  EM 36” tall
Ruffled, laced medium pink, tangerine beards, sweet fragrance.
By  L. Lauer, 2008

Theme Master
$ 6.00

TB, RE-6,  EM 38” tall
Medium purple over dark purple, white rays, yellow beards tipped white.
By  Wilkerson, 2004

$ Sold Out

TB,  M  35" tall    
Standards pale ecru, Falls greenish tan, deeper at hafts which are overlaid with deep violet lines radiating out from around beard & suffusing into center, violet beard tipped mustard, violet horns or spoons; lightly ruffled, slight sweet fragrance.   Dykes Medal, 1997
By  M. Byers, 1989

Three Octaves
$ Sold Out

TB,  ML  36" tall
Standards pink-yellow-tan-lavender blend with lavender midribs & veination; Falls white ground peppered reddish-burgundy, beards orange, fragrance is vanilla scented.  
By  Nearpass, deceased by D. Spoon, 2004

Three Part Harmony
$ Sold Out

TB,  ML  32" tall
Standards mid pink; style arms mid apricot; falls white center blended to light green-cream margin, darker green-cream texture veins, light auburn blush over haft; beards big red-orange.   By  P. Black, 2014

$ Sold Out

TB,  M 36” tall
Bright yellow over blue violet, gold hafts & beards, ruffled, sweet fragrance.
By   R. Ernst, 1993

$ 7.00

TB,  ML 37” tall
Laced dark cadmium yellow, gold beards tipped orange, slight sweet fragrance.
By  Weiler, 1991

Thunder Echo
$ 6.00

TB,  E 35” tall
Light brown & violet over white, magenta lines & rims, slight fragrance.
By  J. Gibson, 1987

Ticket To Ride
$ 7.00

TB,  M 40” tall
Light yellow tan over light magenta, darker rims, sweet fragrance.
By  L. Lauer, 2002

$ Sold Out

TB,  EM  35" tall
Oxblood red, light yellow markings at midribs over ruby red, lilac purple area around tip of beards, beards are saffron-yellow in throat, copper brown at end, sweet fragrance.    By  L.  Lauer, 2014

Tiger Butter
$ Sold Out

TB,  M  36" tall
Standards golden amber over falls: red, edged gold, orange beards.
By  R. Ernst, 1986

Tiger Honey
$ Sold Out

TB, RE-9, EM 36” tall
Butterscotch with white and yellow streaks & splashes, butterscotch beards, sweet fragrance.      B. Kasperek, 1994

Tiger Play
$ Sol Out

TB, M  38" tall
Standards and style arms yellow; Falls red edge and veins with varying degrees of mottling on yellow ground; beards yellow; slight spicy fragrance.   By  F. Kerr, 2013

Tiki Torch
$ 6.00

TB,  M 39” tall
Ruffled, toasted orange, brown beards, slight fragrance.
By  O. Schick, 1999

Time Of Magic
$ Sold Out

TB,  RE-8,   M  32" tall
Standards and style arms medium yellow.  Falls red, dark yellow zone around beards, beards tangerine in throat and middle, yellow at end, slight sweet fragrance.   
By  F. Kerr, 2013

$ 10.00

TB,  M 38" tall
Standards white, infused lavender-pink; Falls tan, overlaid grey-lavender, beard orange-brown hairs band purple.   By N. Price, 2015

Tokatee Falls
$ 6.00

TB,  ML 37” tall
Dark blue over light blue washed white, yellow throat, blue beards, flared.
By  Schreiners, 2000

$ 6.00

TB,  ML 37” tall
Ruffled white over honeysuckle, magenta wash, white lines, rims, spicy fragrance.
By L. Lauer, 2005

Tomorrow’s Child
$ Sold Out

TB,  ML 36” tall
Light pink over red purple, pink rims, sweet fragrance.
By  B. Blyth, 1984

Too Below Zero
$ 6.00

TB, RE-8, ML 35” tall
Ruffled white bloom, blue center, light blue beards tipped white, slight musky fragrance.       By  D. Meek, 2003

Tootsie Roll
$ 18.00

BB, EM,  20" tall
Standards light brown; falls dark brown, lighter area on hafts and around dark chocolate brown beards.    By  M.  Bersillon, 2015

Toucan Tango
$ Sold Out

TB,  M 36” tall
Yellow streaked violet purple, white blaze, slight fragrance.
By  B. Kasperek, 1999

Tour de France
$ Sold Out

TB,  M 35” tall
Clean white over golden yellow, white rays, slight fragrance.
By  K. Keppel, 2004

$ 6.00

TB,  ML 38” tall
Lavender blue with lighter edges over blue white, ruffled.
By  Richardson, 2002

$ 6.00

TB, SA, EML  38” tall
Greenish lemon over creamy white, light gold hafts & beards, lilac fuzzy horns, slight fragrance.      By  Byers, 1990

Trigo Padigo
$ 30.00

TB,  EM  36" tall
Standards pink, light blue infusion; Falls very light pink, pink hafts, tinted blue, light cream-white center stripe from beard to end of petal, beards red, slight musky fragrance.

$ Sold Out

TB,  SA,  ML 36” tall
Yellow & magenta over magenta, rose brown rims, violet flush & horns, slight fragrance.       By  E. Bessette, 2000

Triple Dip
$ 9.00

TB,  RE-9,  EM  34" tall
White, midrib blend of butter-yellow over dark purple, dark plum-purple haft, light violet rim, white mottling over haft, beards are marigold in throat and middle, light dull marigold at end, sweet fragrance.       By.  P. Black,  2014

Triple Whammy
$ 6.00

TB, SA,  ML 40” tall
Bright yellow over lav-cream, yellow hafts & rims, lavender horns.
By  B. Hager, 1989

$ 6.00

IB, RE-9, SA, EM 20” tall
Yellow ground, washed maroon, rusty red rims, pale yellow beards,  white fuzzy horns.     By Sutton, 2006

True Spirit
$ 7.00

TB,  EM 34” tall
Tan over cherry wine, white spray, yellow beards.
By  R. Tasco, 2004

Tunnel Vision
$ Sold Out

TB,  EM  38” tall
Red-purple mulberry over white, 1” grape rims, orange beards.
By  K. Keppel, 2010

Tuscan Summer
$ Sold Out

TB,  M 38” tall
Light gold ground,  blackish wine plicata, mustard beards.
By  K. Keppel, 2010

Twilight Blaze
$ 6.00

TB,  EM 30” tall
Violet over steely violet, beige hafts, red beards, sweet fragrance.
By  K. Keppel, 1982

Twilight Serenade
$ 6.00

TB, SA,   M 34” tall
White over blue-violet with large violet blue flounces, sweet fragrance.
By  Meininger, 2001

Twilight Tear
$ Sold Out

TB,  M 38” tall
Velvety black – dark violet flower, mustard brown beards.
By  B. Filardi, 2007

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